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Facinating nature - Stone forests | Madagascar

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Source: National Geographic

That is bloody awesome. The world’s first animated tattoo, while the public is life watching online! That guy will take off his shirt a lot in the future :)

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This will introduce you to a color you’ve probably never seen before.

True “Cyan”. Usually most people find it an ugly color, or just an ordinary light blue. BUT! Computers and TVs dilute the actual appearance of cyan and when you see it, its fucking awesome.

SO! Stare at the white dot for 2 minutes. Just as long as you can. The circle will get fuzzy and youll start to see a ring forming. Back your head up slowly and look around the edge of the circle.

This is bloody awesome!

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Cool sound and cool graphics flashing in the rhythm of the music. Great video done by the French design company Culumus